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GEIC set to join Haydale's collaboration to develop graphene enhanced failsafe locking solution

27 November 2018

Haydale (AIM: HAYD), the global advanced materials group, notes the announcement made yesterday by Wheelsure Holdings Plc ("Wheelsure") and is pleased to confirm that The University of Manchester's Graphene Engineering Innovation Centre ("GEIC") is set to join the collaboration between Haydale and Wheelsure initially announced by Wheelsure in February 2018.

The project is to develop an intelligent new product pairing Haydale's functionalised graphene sensor technology with Wheelsure's failsafe locking solution. The sensor will be developed by applications engineers at the GEIC using Haydale's functionalised graphene.

The project is expected to be showcased at the official opening of the GEIC in December 2018.

David Banks, Interim Executive Chairman at Haydale, commented: "We are pleased that this collaboration is developing and welcome the inclusion of Manchester's GEIC. We are looking forward to developing this innovative product, ensuring its successful pathway to commercialisation."

Ray Gibbs, President, Business Development at Haydale, commented: "We are delighted to bring our graphene materials knowledge to this project and work with Wheelsure and the GEIC to produce a superior product. The outcome should enable Wheelsure to market and sell its product worldwide across a range of applications that require a permanent 'smart' locking nut and bolt assembly."

James Baker, CEO of [email protected], said: "This latest partnership is a perfect example of our collaborative approach to graphene research and development across the technology readiness levels. By combining the expertise and capabilities of the University, Haydale and Wheelsure, we can accelerate disruptive solutions to current and new markets."


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Haydale is a global technologies and materials group that facilitates the integration of graphene and other nanomaterials into the next generation of commercial technologies and industrial materials. With expertise in graphene, silicon carbide and other nanomaterials, Haydale is able to deliver improvements in electrical, thermal and mechanical properties, as well as toughness. Haydale has granted patents for its technologies in Europe, USA, Australia, Japan and China and operates from six sites in the UK, USA and the Far East.

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