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CeramycGuard™ on Trial with United Utilities

26 January 2023

CeramycGuard™, exclusively distributed by Haydale (AIM: HAYD) in the UK is currently being trialled by United Utilities at their wastewater treatment works in Oldham, UK. The unique low CO2 ceramic-polymer surface treatment has been applied to a 10m² area of a newly commissioned final settlement tank. The trial will last for a period of six months.

Previously, the internal face of the tanks on site have been coated with a repair screed and topcoat, which have not achieved a satisfactory service life because of the harsh, chemical environment. The chemicals within the water create a chalky surface with holes that reduce the reinforcement coverage. As a result, repair work is having to be carried out at regular intervals, requiring the tanks to be taken offline, which is both expensive and time consuming.

CeramycGuard™ uses Haydale's proprietary silicon carbide microfibres, along with nano-Alumina and Zirconia Silicates to renew and preserve concrete surfaces by chemically bonding to the concrete. The surface treatment fills the pores and microcracks to create a new ceramic surface layer that is impermeable to corrosive liquids such as acids and salts, and microbiologically active solutions.

The CeramycGuard™ was applied by roller within 10 minutes. The surface can be cured at five or 12 degrees, with the concrete asset being back in service between 24 hours and seven days after application, depending on the size of the area being treated. For the trial, after seven days a topcoat of Haydale's QuartzSeal™ was applied over the CeramycGuard™ to further inhibit the ingress of water and chemical pollutants and to seal out dust and dirt and protect against stains. This also makes the new surface layer biologically impervious.

As a non-toxic water-based product that does not contain VOCs or leachable organic constitutes, CeramycGuard's CO2 footprint is significantly lower than epoxy systems by up to 50 times in an equivalent application. Its unique properties can potentially protect and extend the life of concrete assets such as final settlement tanks by up to 30 years.

The application of the surface treatment is currently undergoing a monitoring process, but as an asset preservation technology it is anticipated to extend the service life of the final settlement tank. At the end of the six-month trial, a thorough inspection of the treated area will be carried out. The outcome of the current trial could result in CeramycGuard™ being used to treat multiple assets on the site to extend their service life. The benefits are likely to be long-term cost savings by using a product that could reduce the frequency of repairs with much lower CO2 emissions compared to systems currently used to coat concrete.


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