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Haydale has developed a proprietary scalable plasma process to functionalise graphene and other nano materials. Functionalisation is an essential component in the commercialisation of graphene.

Haydale plans to commercialise its functionalisation process by providing value added solutions to both raw material producers and industrial corporations.

Haydale aims to work with both raw material producers and applications companies. Haydale is not a producer of the raw material nor an end user. The Company offers the producer the ability to enhance the value of its base product by effectively functionalising the material. The Company can assist the applications market by providing a service in sourcing the most appropriate material (suitably functionalised) to meet the target specification.

Haydale aims to become a preferred solutions provider in the provision of graphene type carbons and other nanostructures that can be dispersed in a target material and provide predetermined material properties to meet client specifications. Haydale has focused on adding value through functionalisation and sourcing the most appropriate nanoparticles including graphene to improve performance.


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