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02 August 2021

Haydale (AIM: HAYD), the global advanced materials group, is pleased to announce that the Company has granted Warrants, ("2021 Warrants") to a provider to the Company of business development services in China over an aggregate of 1,000,000 Ordinary Shares in the Company (the "Grant") pursuant to the Rules of the Warrant Deed 2020, as announced by the Company on 9 July 2020.

The 2021 Warrants have an exercise price of 8.0p per Ordinary Share (being a 5.3% premium to the closing mid-market price of the Company's Ordinary Shares on 29 July 2021, the last trading day before the Grant) and can only be exercised in the period from  1 July 2023 to  31 July 2031 ("Exercise Period").

The 2021 Warrants include the performance condition that, for a period of 15 consecutive dealing days commencing after the date of Grant and ending on or before the 30 September 2023, the closing price of the Ordinary Shares must exceed 16.0p (sixteen pence) per Ordinary Share ("Performance Condition").

There are no other vesting criteria for the 2021 Warrants. Accordingly, should the Company's closing mid-market share price not reach and remain at, or above, 16.0p for at least 15 consecutive dealing days in the period immediately following the date of Grant and ending on 30 September 2023, then the Grant will lapse. The Performance Condition represents a premium of approximately 110% to the closing mid-market price of the Company's Ordinary Shares as at 29 July 2021, being the last trading day before the Grant.

The 2021 Warrant's may lapse in the event of the termination of services, but at that point and at the Company's sole discretion and, subject to performance criteria being met, the Exercise Period may be accelerated. The Exercise Period may also be accelerated in the event of a change of control of the Company.

The Grant represents approximately 0.24 % of the Company's issued ordinary share capital.

The Company's Remuneration Committee retains the ability to amend the performance conditions for the 2021 Warrants and for future grants to ensure that such grants achieve the stated purpose.

Following the Grant, the Company's total number of Options, SARs and Warrants outstanding as at the date of this announcement is 40,600,000 representing approximately 9.5% of the Company's existing issued share capital.

The number of ordinary shares currently in issue is 425,279,798 and it is this number that has been used to calculate the above percentage shareholdings.


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Notes to Editors

Haydale is a global technologies group and service provider that facilitates the integration of graphene and other nanomaterials into the next generation of industrial materials and commercial technologies.  With expertise in graphene, other nanomaterials and Silicon Carbide, Haydale is able to deliver improvements in electrical, thermal and mechanical properties.  Haydale has been granted patents for its technologies in Europe, USA, Australia, Japan and China and operates from five sites in the UK, USA and the Far East.  For more information please visit: www.haydale.com or Twitter: @haydalegraphene


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