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Haydale and Vittoria partner for graphene innovation and supply

08 July 2022

Haydale, (AIM: HAYD), the global advanced materials group, is pleased to announce that it has started collaborating on the innovation and the supply of graphene with Vittoria SpA ("Vittoria") and has received its first order for one tonne of functionalised graphene nanomaterial.

Vittoria is a leading manufacturer of performance bicycle tyres and has since 2015 pioneered the application of graphene in the rubber of bicycle tyres. The functionalised nanomaterial has been proven to create substantial improvements in grip, rolling resistance, puncture resistance and durability (more information can be found on https://www.vittoria.com/ww/en/technology/graphene).    

As a first step in their collaboration, Vittoria and Haydale have co-developed improved rubber compounds, which  laboratory and field tests have shown further improve tyre performance. Supply of the newly developed graphene compounds has already started, with a first order of one tonne of functionalised graphene to be delivered in the coming months. Using its new high-capacity HT1400 plasma reactor, Haydale is able to meet Vittoria's production requirements and stringent quality standards.

For the mid-term future, Vittoria and Haydale have agreed to investigate the possibility of producing functionalised graphene in Thailand, near the Vittoria factories. For this purpose, a Letter of Intent has been signed between Haydale and Vittoria's co-owned Thai nanotech subsidiary, Graphene Creations Limited ("Graphene Creations").

Haydale CEO Keith Broadbent, commenting on the developments, said: "We are excited to be working with Vittoria on their graphene enhanced cycling tyres, which demonstrate the impact that our HDPlas® functionalisation technology can have on the tyre and wider elastomer market. We are also looking forward to working more closely with Graphene Creations, and to leveraging our technical expertise with their business development skills in Thailand."

Stijn Vriends, President and CEO of Vittoria Group adds: "Our unique know how of graphene helps us make the most advanced bicycle tyres on the planet. We are very pleased to partner with Haydale to further innovate in this field and have local production of graphene in Thailand as a common goal."

Ted P. Thirapatana, CEO of Graphene Creations, comments: "We have been working with Haydale for the past couple of years on research and application development projects, so we are extremely confident that by combining Haydale's unique technical expertise on nanomaterials and our market access, we will further expand the commercialisation of graphene into various industries. Our application development platform is built on several years of tested data collected throughout the sourcing, functionalisation and production processes. It's just the beginning."


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Notes to Editors

Haydale is a global technologies and materials group that facilitates the integration of graphene and other nanomaterials into the next generation of commercial technologies and industrial materials. With expertise in graphene, silicon carbide and other nanomaterials, Haydale can deliver improvements in electrical, thermal, and mechanical properties, as well as toughness through its state-of-the-art functionalisation. Haydale has granted patents for its technologies in Europe, USA, Australia, Japan, and China and operates from five sites in the UK, USA, and the Far East.

For more information please visit: www.haydale.com  

LinkedIn: Haydale-ltd

Twitter: @haydalegraphene  


About Vittoria Group

Vittoria is the world's leading brand of performance bicycle tyres and accessories, known for its unique graphene-enhanced compounds and advanced cotton & nylon casings. Vittoria produces at its factories in Thailand and the Netherlands and sells through subsidiaries in Asia, Europe, and North America. With its global R&D capabilities, Vittoria develops bicycle tyres and accessories for all performance levels in road, off-road and urban use. Vittoria Group is owned by its managers and the investment fund Wise Equity. More info on www.vittoria.com.

About Graphene Creations

Graphene Creations is a company at the forefront of graphene exploitation in Thailand. Graphene Creations was started in 2017 to take advantage of the huge potential for graphene in the Thai economy. Vittoria is the founder and one of the main shareholders in Graphene Creations. Its early backers (investors) include the Singha Corporation. Led by Ted P. Thirapatana, the company has strong connections in the Thai business world and has the ability to introduce Haydale's technology to a wider group of potential customers in the automotive, construction, clothing and natural resource sectors.


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